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Common Problem

Your company may need help in a specific segment of your business. You know some big consultant firms, -everybody knows. But you also heard horror stories of spending millions of dollars and receiving very little help. Or worse: getting things into a complete mess. Often these big international consultant firms are recommended or even inforced by your bank. This is a common experience of many companies.

Big names matter more than true competence.

Here comes ACUTETIME and fits in the mould.

We are not impressed by big companies. We believe in people with a track record of successful problem solving,- with years of experience and lateral thinking.

And we will find you these experts. All over the world. This is our key competence.


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In the construction business we are focused on Europe. In 2015-2017 we found some powerful and efficient specialists for our developer clients. Together we could solve serious problems with in-time finishing of buildings.

Real Estate

In Real Estate we placed specialists for refurbishment and leasing of residential, office and retail buildings. Since 2010 with a net value of some Mio € in consulting fees.


In 2012-2015 we developed a real-time-monitoring system for a building concern. The company is now able to monitor all their buildings/flats by a smart phone app in real time.

Our references are documented for potential clients and will be presented at request.

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